Programmers' Pain


www.programmers-pain.deThis blog is all about the little tripping hazards, level of confusion and complexity as well as legacy- and thrid-party code that do lead to moments of rage, despair and very rare moments of omniscience while managing the day-to-day business as a software developer.

Mostly I do use this blog as an anger management tool, to post some insights about programming related problems or to share other information that I think is worth being shared – sometimes all thee aspects do unite in a single post.

Most postings will relate to Java, Maven and Python since I’m currently on the payroll as a Build Engineer in a Java environment. Therefore I have to deal with a lot of Maven related tasks that do use Python as the favourite scripting language if Java gets a bit too obstructive to do the job properly.

In my spare time I’m quite interested in electronics and PCs and general. Also I’m highly obsessed by any kind of LED setups which leads to time eating purposes like my 512 RGB LED coffee table project. Therefore you’ll also find some information about micro controllers within this blog.

Fell free to contact me in case you have any questions. For topic related questions please leave a comment on the corresponding blog post. For general questions feel free to use the Contact page.